"Accept Payments Anytime and All of the Time"

The Best Rates

We offer competitive RATES which will keep your business thriving for that next sale throughout all seasonal and year round activities. Rates are very important towards your monthly bottom line profit and we understand fully.

The Best Service

Our CUSTOMER SERVICE continues to remain diligently respectful to all clients to assure them that we respect their business and work ethics. Each phone call will be handled to your satisfaction with the up most level of curtesy so you can quickly get back to business.

The Best Technology

When selecting the right terminal for your business you should choose the one that is suitable for your needs and location of the area which is most comfortable for you. We offer different forms of HARDWARE and SOFTWARE for your convenience, from mobile to stand alone.

Welcome to Cash By Card

If you are that individual who wants to maintain your business or simply become a successful entrepreneur, then we can be your financial one stop shop. Beacon payments provide solutions that will keep you going financially and government compliant.

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