Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments refers to any payment made via a mobile device in place of using cash or a credit card to process a transaction.  (Mobile payments are also known as mobile money transfers and mobile money) This may be acceptance of a payment via a card swiper attached to a cell phone in order to receive a payment from a credit card.  It can also be acceptance of a payment via cell phone in place of a credit card through a mobile wallet

Accepting mobile payments.  A business owner may use their smart phone to accept a credit card payment through the use of an attached swiper.  Using this method the client is still using their credit card to run the transaction.
Beacon Payments has the ability to set businesses up to accept both of these mobile payment options.  If you would like to accept mobile wallets as a payment method or if you would like to swipe cards through your smart phone we are able to help you out. 
Our systems allow you to accept mobile payments from all of the largest mobile wallet providers in one device at the point of sale.